Our mission is to empower you to make better marketing decisions. But more than that we help you action those decisions with cost-effective, value-added services, solutions and support delivered with a customer satisfaction level that consistently exceeds your expectations. Ultimately, we exist in order to help you connect with your audience, maximizing the impact of your marketing spend.


Learn more about Novation Consulting and our process below.

Step 1: Strategic Planning

All projects, regardless of scope, involve extensive strategic planning. Our prime objective being to deliver you results faster, in more convenient and more efficient ways.

Step 2: Design

All concepts and strategies are critically evaluated, with our team exploring all-inclusive solutions to define the best formula for an effective strategy.

Step 3: Presentation

Our finalized concepts are reviewed by your team. We take onboard your feedback and work together to pin down a concept and direction ready for launch.

Step 4: Polishing

Before setting any campaign in motion we refine our work through three rounds of revisions at no additional cost to ensure your vision is accurately achieved.

Step 5: Launch

Watch your project come to life. Whatever marketing channel we use to communicate your brand through will light up, leaving your business in a better place.

Step 6: Analysis

We celebrate a job well done by reflecting on the project and giving your team guidelines on how to best capitalize your marketing investment moving forward


Every project starts with a discovery phase where we get to know each other. You tell us about your objectives and goals at large. We then tell you how we can make them happen. We then evaluate your external environment such as competitors and current market trends. You’ll be given a cost estimate for your project, milestones and delivery dates. Once all is confirmed: we kick off.

Our Values


Passion underpins every project; passion to push boundaries, to perform and to produce inspiring and innovative creative work.


Without creativity we are nothing. Creativity is the foundation for developing unique solutions and memorable experiences.


There is no substitute for hard work, period. No challenge is too big and no strategy too bold for the persistence of our team.


We get excited and upbeat when we develop a vision we know is going to create an impact. We call it practical positivity.


Doing things the right way is equally as important as doing the right thing. That’s why we’re always open, honest and to the point.


We’re capable of creating great things, but we can’t do that without being approachable and trust worthy. Tell us your secrets.


Collectively, our team members at Novation have worked with some of the biggest and brightest businesses throughout North America and the Middle East. Assisted by a network of superstar specialists, we have created show stopping creative strategies and delivered brilliantly bespoke digital marketing campaigns for dozens of small to medium size businesses, see the team that can create similar success for your company.

Sana Tayeb

Co-Founder/Creative Director

John Tayeb

Co-Founder/Managing Director

Saba Tariq

Creative Consultant