Rebranding a leader in predictive analytics

Aligning and reinforcing a brand’s proposition

Commissioned by Elite Analytics, a leader in predictive analytics that works in partnership with some of the world’s largest brands such as IBM, Novation was tasked to do a complete rebrand. Rebranding efforts were aimed at revamping the brand image, strategically aligning and reinforcing the brand proposition with Elite’s core clients and verticals, and establishing UI and UX guidelines that would allow the client to seamlessly extend their brand across the digital space.

Read on and watch to learn how we transformed Elite’s corporate image.

Elite’s Brand Promise:

While others may only focus on selling analytical software, or develop predictive models, we take a holistic approach that starts from a deep understanding of the business problem, and delivers persistent value by integrating analytics not only within the business process, but also in the business culture.

Our Approch

At Novation, every project begins with comprehensive research and discovery phase. We closely examine the values, mission, core strategies, and culture that make our clients unique. This phase allows us to process through our clients’ brand positioning and growth strategy vis-à-vis their competitive landscape enabling us to establish a case for what’s possible.

Our Solution

A brand audit highlighted key issues within the existing branding as well as UI/UX assessment, navigation and aesthetics. Recognizing that data is at the heart and core of Elite, we based the brand identity and redesign on subtle movement of ‘data moving and dots connecting.’  The brand mark and type were designed to work together to pay homage to both the preceding brand and the promise of Elite’s solutions.


This multi-faceted project required a variety of deliverables to reinforce the new brand image Elite were seeking.

Although a very small and dedicated team, Elite works in partnership with major contenders in the ‘big data’ industry such as IBM. Given this, brand guidelines were produced to ensure consistency of identity and applications cross client’s digital and print assets.

Our work resulted in a fundamental refresh of the 6 key areas.


Redesign of company logo


Creation of brand identity

Imagery plays a key part in how a brand looks and feels; we applied a visual theme of ‘expedition’ showcased through high-contrast images, to reflect the brand’s values and work ethics.

Stationary elements such as business cards and letterhead were designed to be clear and concise, and visually aligned with the theme of the brand.



Printable electronic template for business cards and letterhead

Stationary elements such as business card and letterhead were designed to be clear and concise, letting the other printed communications do the speaking.

As a result, Elite’s new brand identity translates seamlessly across both printed and digital applications.



 Corporate proposal template

Ensuring continuity across all comms material.


Microsoft Powerpoint presentation template

Allowing for brand consistency across company wide presentation literature.

Elite Analytics
Elite Analytics


Website redesign and development to align with the rebrand

Extensive planning of the site was carried out in collaboration with Elite. The previous site had become bloated over time and a full restructure was essential. Interactive wireframes were produced, covering every single page in the site build. We extensively explored early concepts in development, typography, color schemes and iconography to identity Elite’s brand image.



The Elite website is clean, quick to load and easy on the eyes; it speaks to industry insiders, core clients and stakeholders alike. The navigation allows advanced users to directly access content in the menu structure without extensive clicks. The site is authoritative, mobile responsive and easy to navigate.

Novation Consulting certainly sets the bar high when it comes to web site development. I have to say, Sana and the Novation team are some of the best I’ve worked with. As part of a recent corporate rebranding project, we revamped our web site using Novation Consulting and couldn’t be happier with the results. Sana went out of her way to deliver the content I envisioned. The result was a site experience that delivers a powerful message in an easy-to-use format. Very professional team and I’d highly recommend to anyone needing web site and marketing services. – Greg Loftin, Director of Sales and Marketing

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