How TiE Refreshed Their Brand to Reach a New Generation of Innovators

Stop for a moment and consider how much life has changed over the past 25 years. In 1992, no one had heard of the web, a smartphone was the size of a shoebox, and the public cloud was just something floating in the sky. When The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) was launched in 1992, the struggle of taking innovative concepts to market was a much lonelier road. Society and commerce have been radically reshaped since then. TiE recognized that their visual brand strategy had to take them out ahead of the curve and with a new generation with a singular visual style.

About the Organization

TiE has grown to become the world’s most extensive entrepreneurial network, supported by 61 chapters in 18 countries. Successful entrepreneurs come together across industrial, generational and cultural boundaries to volunteer their time and expertise to educate, mentor, network and raise fund for younger entrepreneurs. This Pay It Forward model has made substantial innovation possible from more than two decades.

The core values of TiE revolve around the principles that wealth creation is the best tool for solving the world’s problems, that the best path to wealth creation is entrepreneurship and that entrepreneurship thrives when successful people give back to the community. TiE’s contribution to economic wealth creation has been estimated at $200 billion.



Estimated Global Wealth Created

The Challenge

As they approached their Silver Anniversary in 2017, the leadership team at TiE realized that it was time to reinvest in brand equity and unite their diverse chapters under an engaging visual identity.

After surveying their chapters for input, TiE set out to redesign a brand that was better able to capture the heart, soul and spirit of the organization. The two-pronged goal was to raise TiE’s profile for their current members with an instantly recognizable logo while attracting new talent to support the next 25 years of growth.

The Answer

TiE Global selected Novation Consulting to lead the brand refresh due to their expertise as a forward-thinking lean design and communications agency. Novation began by compiling frame of reference data on how other entrepreneurs, startups, accelerators, incubators, innovation hubs and labs were communicating their brand messages. Novation then analyzed how TiE stood out and what unique values they brought to entrepreneurs everywhere.

Novation brought a methodological approach to discovering TiE’s needs, exploring the customer journey, defining the brand touchpoints and investigating their brand hierarchy. The entire process took months of close collaboration between TiE’s executive committee and Novation. Ultimately, Novation captured a brand architecture solution that was able to convey the right messages to a range of potential audiences. The resulting visual identity is designed to work across various customer touchpoints. An exhaustive brand guideline ensures consistency of the core message across applications.

tie logo transformation
“Recognizing TiE’s heritage and our position as the world’s largest network of entrepreneurs united in purpose to help each other, the Board believed the time was right as we enter our 25th Anniversary to refesh the TiE brand to ensure that it reflects the global, diverse, youthful and vibrant brand that TiE is today and to position us as a contemporary brand to continue our purpose into the next 25 years.” – Venktesh Shukla – Chairman, TiE Global & President, TiE Silicon Valley
TiE’s brand refresh enables it to evolve from ‘The Indus Entrepreneurs’ – to a bigger, more inclusive and (geographically, ethically, and gender) diverse network. New visual identity creates consistency around global brand, voice and message of ‘Fostering Entrepreneurship.’ This refresh achieves brand experience for ‘the now’ and the next phase of TiE’s growth while revitalizing the market perception.

The Results

TiE’s new logo and the brand visuals’ identity were first unveiled at the TiEcon 2016, one of the largest gatherings of entrepreneurs, in Silicon Valley. The brand redesign garnished applause from over 4,000 people in attendance confirming TiE’s move in the right direction.

Seven months later, the brand refresh was showcased to an audience of entrepreneurs and thought leaders from around the world at TiE’s first Global Summit on December 16-17, 2016 at the Taj Palace in New Delhi.

Based on the overwhelming support of local chapters and positive feedback received on the brand refresh from stakeholders, TiE was able to successfully launch its own licensed merchandise line. Items promoting the core logo and TiE’s new visual identity are collectively known as the TiE Entrepreneurship Collection™.


 Resolution for 2017

The world is a very different place than it was before the web redefined business and society. Novation is touch with what brand communications mean for customers today, and they brought that expertise to a redesign of TiE visual style.

If your brand is ready to engage new audiences or gain deeper relevancy with your best customers, contact the experts at Novation Consulting in Q1 2017. Make it your new fiscal year resolution to make change happen across your organization and throughout your industry.