Creating a Digital Presentation to Convey Brand Culture, History and Values to an Entire Corporation


Enabling Enterprises to Connect with their Employees

When you own and operate restaurants across the US, and are one of the fastest growing franchises in the country, it can become difficult to instill in new employees the values and culture that got you to where you are today. Too often, we see companies grow and loose sight of what made them unique. But a well- planned cultural immersion process can root the vision, insight and values of founding and senior members of staff in the next generation of leaders.

Client Problem

Jackmont Hospitality is a minority owned, comprehensive food service management company (TGI Fridays, One Flew South). They have a strong culture of cultivating employees, with several general managers who began working in their restaurants now working as executives in their corporate office.

With aggressive growth targets over the next 5 years and the organization going through a cultural immersion process, Jackmont were seeking a way to convey their philosophy across the company to new team members in order to maintain a self-inspired workforce that upholds the service levels expected by their customers.


A 5-7 minute digital presentation, to be showcased alongside an 8-minute corporate video, was decided as the best method of delivery. With the following points highlighted as key takeaways to be conveyed in the message:

Operational Excellence: increased focus on values and culture to attract and retain the right talent.

 Best Decisions on The Floor: foster a self-directed and motivated work force that focuses on the desired behaviors.

Differentiation and pride of being a part of the organizational family: culture will transcend from the restaurant into new brands thereby creating an employer of choice mentality.

Dream Building In Progress

“We’re not just there for us, we’re there so that the dreams and aspirations of our people can pass through us and reach higher levels.”

– Maynard Jackson

Our Challenge

To create a fun and engaging, yet value driven, presentation that appealed to the Millennials. Because culture involves an entire company, each level of the organization needed to be represented as participating in the cultural immersion process.

Jackmont Hospitality has a rich cultural history and pride themselves on recruiting staff from troubled backgrounds. Our challenge was to weave their story throughout the presentation, whilst creating touch-points for staff that left them taking away something personal and relevant to inspire them on their own journey.

Our Process

We don’t take projects like this for granted. It’s a privilege to be asked to create a culture deck for such a strong brand.

It would be naive of us to assume we could create a presentation that fully conveyed the philosophy of a company with such a rich heritage without first taking the time to understand what it really means to be an employee of Jackmont Hospitality.

Our brand discovery process involves an extensive range of questions designed to get to the heart and soul of an organization, such as:

What is your brand essence?

What is your unique story?

 What is your brand promise?

 How do you deliver your brand promise?

 What problems do you solve for your customers?

This process, combined with independent research into a client’s history, gives us a high level overview of the direction we need to take.

From here, we then focus on the core components of creating a compelling culture deck: content copy and creative direction.

“We strive for excellence in absolutely everything we do. It’s the driving force behind our success. We believe in what we do and strive to do it better than anyone else. Our relentless pursuit of excellence is our road map to success. We go the extra mile to exceed expectations. It’s these values that drive our guests to return, again and again
and again…”

Our Solution

We delivered a vibrant, engaging and value focused slide deck that hit on all aspects of Jackmont’s history, philosophy and culture.
Here’s how we approached both the copy and the design:


The right content is fundamental to the success of a digital presentation. Conveying a message as succinctly as possible, yet ensuring delivery of key information in an engaging way, is no easy task.

That’s why we strategically partnered with senior copywriter, Matt Jones. Matt’s approach is much like creating a building. It starts with a structural blueprint for the flow of the presentation. Once a core outline is in place, and approved, the work begins on filling in the details.

The challenge here was in reinforcing the history and philosophy of Jackmont across a brand story that seamlessly flowed from first to last slide. Whilst including key messages that would resonate with the target audience.

Matt achieved this by adopting a 3-slide formula:

Message/Statement  Historical/Cultural/Customer Relevance  What it Means for You as an Employee

This approach keeps viewers engaged by delivering the key information in a way that is relevant to their goals and aspirations.

The idea was not to simply shout about how great a company Jackmont Hospitality are, but how great you can become by being part of them.


When approaching the design aspect of the presentation it was important for us to develop slides that were in keeping with the current branding of Jackmont.

Nevertheless, we were also conscious of creating visuals that were engaging, easy to read and ultimately: effective.

To do this we took influence from existing culture decks that had gained a reputation within the industry for being visually engaging and telling a great brand story. There were some common traits picked out as consistent across the most successful presentations:

  • Simple Concepts
  • Bold Colors
  • Modern/Contemporary Fonts
  • Branding Incorporated Throughout Design
  • Flexibility for Viewing (Computer, Tablet/Mobile, Print)
  • Images Compliment and Reinforce Copy

We used the above parameters to create a design that was undeniably Jackmont, but with a high contrast, forward thinking and dynamic twist that spoke to the target audience and left the presentation as future proof.

Presenting the Presentation

The slide deck is currently being shown to a number of corporate staff and a focus group for feedback. It will then be unveiled store to store nationwide to ignite a period of cultural emergence and motivation among new and existing employees.

The next time you’re in TGI Fridays and see your server working with drive and initiative, you’ll know why.

Is culture and philosophy an important part of your organization? Talk to us about ways we can help ensure the vision at the heart of your business is being pumped around the rest of your company. After all, as Jackmont Hospitality rightly proclaim, a happy workforce creates happy customers.

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