Strategic Repositioning For a Third Party Risk Management Consultancy

Building a Brand that Contends with Corporates but Retains its Personality

When your goal is to become known as one of the world’s leading experts in Third Party Risk Management you know you’re going head to head with some major players. It’s hard to stand out in any market, but in an established business sector such as this, it becomes even tougher.

You must recognize your strengths to highlight the unique aspects that set you apart from the competition. It’s not always feasible to play the corporates at their own game. Sometimes the right strategy is to stay true to yourself and develop an identity that resonates with your personal brand.

Read on to learn how we helped give clarity to a world-class consultancy’s branding, enabling them to carve their own piece of a highly lucrative pie.

Client Problem

When Ontala Performance Solutions Inc. came to us their logo and brand identity was lack luster and unreflective of the firm’s values and unique selling proposition. In addition, the team had noticed that the logo was often misused in communications with clients, stakeholders and media partners. This was due in part to a lack of brand guidelines and an unclear vision as to the positioning of the firm in relation to its competitors.

To add to that challenge, the competitors in question are well-established firms with decades of market visibility behind them. To take them on, Ontala needed to focus on differentiating themselves by reinforcing their credentials thought leadership capabilities, and emphasizing subject matter expertise.

Our Challenge

Brand development is our lifeblood. Helping clients build better businesses through iconic branding is our drug; we crave it like a cat craves sleeping in a cardboard box. Nevertheless, every project presents new challenges we must tackle to achieve the success stories we constantly seek.

For Ontala it was developing a corporate image that held its own against the big boys, but focused on highlighting the fact the consultancy is built around one principal consultant – Linda Truck Chapman – who has 15 years experience as a senior leader within the industry.


This multi-faceted project required a variety of deliverables to reinforce the new brand image Ontala were seeking. It’s no good simply adjusting one customer touch point, for instance a logo, if the rest of the experience fails to strengthen the branding. When one part fails, the whole concept fails.

Our work resulted in a fundamental refresh of the 6 key areas Ontala use to communicate with their clients.


Redesign of company logo

A clean, eye catching and contemporary logo was created to reflect the change in brand focus and hold its own against competing consultancies.


Creation of new tagline

We developed the punchy and straight to the point tagline: Redefining Third Party Management, in order to announce how Ontala differs in their approach to business.

Ontala Logo Constructions Lines


Printable electronic template for rebranded business cards

A template enables adjustments to be made when necessary, such as the addition of affiliated company logos.


New electronic letterhead designs

Ensuring continuity across all comms material.


Microsoft Powerpoint presentation template

Allowing for brand consistency across company wide presentation literature.


Redesigned and rebranded website to reflect new company image

A poorly designed website, no matter how strong the branding, can undo all the hard work that precedes it. Our approach to all web design is to seamlessly marry user experience with critical business functionality. We aim to create elegant web experiences that act as powerful business tools for our clients.

For Ontala we developed a clean, simple and fast loading design. One that was mobile responsive (compatible with smartphones and tablets) and that incorporated functionality for the addition of custom content by the client.

Our Process

It All Begins With Brand Discovery

Any brand development project requires a close working relationship with the client. But when the brief itself is to bring out the personal nature of a consultancy within the new positioning strategy it becomes even more important to ensure you’re both working in synergy.

To arrive at a short and long term branding solution that highlights a distinct concept, brand identity and clear messaging for our clients we follow a rigorous process proven to produce results.

We start by entering into an extensive brand discovery analysis phase to evaluate a client’s brand values and (market) positioning. While some providers may immediately dive into developing new ideas and concepts, we feel that identifying compelling industry trends and factors of differentiation can be used to promote a brand via the most effective and (cost) efficient means possible.

Once when we truly feel we understand what makes our client’s unique will we start work on the initial design concepts. Why? Because if we can’t see what makes you special, our work won’t enable others to either.

Our Solution

Before unveiling the final concepts, we presented Ontala with an extensive range of mockups, mood-boards and positioning ideas. Rather than simply force a solution upon a client we prefer to provide them with our creative thinking, as determined from our brand discovery and research stage, and take further direction from them before diving into a final concept.

Ultimately, the finished logo, tag line and web mock ups have helped the team at Ontala better visualize how their supporting identity materials can be used in various practical and physical applications to support the new brand identity. View Ontala’s new website built around an intuitive interface and responsive design.

Fresh Branding that’s Future Proof

It’s easy to develop something new. The hard part is in developing something that 1) makes a tangible difference to a client’s business and 2) lasts. Our brand discovery process has proven to reap rewards time and time again. It has enabled us to develop brand strategies and marketing collateral that stand the test of time.

With Ontala, our process has enabled us to see for ourselves the value of choosing a third party risk management subject matter expert. This first hand experience considerably aided us in developing a logo, tag line and web design that positioned Linda’s personal brand appropriately and truly conveyed the unique offering Ontala brings to the table.

I’m proud of my new website and logo. They are polished, professional and beautifully rendered. – Linda Tuck Chapman, President and “CPO Emeritus”

Is poor branding that doesn’t reflect your true values holding your organization back? Ask us how we can refresh your image to truly convey what makes your brand special, because better branding makes for better business.

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