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Think No One Watches Brand Videos? Think Again…

By October 27, 2014 No Comments

What’s your opinion on brand videos? If you’re like 53% of other marketers you’ll be assuming that consumers have no interest in watching company created videos.

But you’d be wrong. Very wrong. In fact…

59% of US adult Internet users say they watch them when they visit a brands website

Even more surprisingly to the branded video naysayers was that respondents actually preferred to view brand videos on a company’s website instead of switching to an external service like Youtube. Perhaps not so shocking, but still enlightening, was the fact that 40% favoured watching content via video over reading the same information. So what does all this mean for your brand?

Start Producing Video Content

Clearly the main directive here is to start including video content on your website if you aren’t doing so already.

Despite marketers’ instincts telling them branded video isn’t a top priority, it’s not difficult to see why demand is on the rise.

More and more consumers are accessing brand websites from mobile devices; such devices lend themselves to consuming content through a visual medium.

It’s not easy to read streams of text on small screens and as many users are ‘dipping in and out’ of the Internet throughout the day it is easier to hold their attention via video.

What to Produce?

The hard part is in working out what type of videos you should be producing.

Results from a June 2014 polling by Levels Beyond might help guide you in the right direction. They identified the following video categories as being the most popular with the polled consumers:

  • How-to/Instructional Videos – 67% 
  • Comedy/Spoof – 42%
  • Product/Informational – 34%
  • Microdocumentaries – 33%
  • Animations/Infographics – 30%

We have clear winner with 67% of responders citing they would watch how-to and instructional videos. Whilst such content might not lend itself to every brand, if at all possible these forms of video should be incorporated into your online marketing strategy.

Not only are they extremely popular with consumers they also act as excellent lead generators. Instructional videos are one of the most searched for forms of video online and a good tutorial can bring a ton of prospects to your website.

Getting Started

If your perceptions of branded video content have changed and you’d like some guidance on how to make the most of this in demand marketing strategy don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Author Sana Tayeb

As the Co-founder and Creative Director of Novation, Sana Tayeb helps organizations emerge to dominate their industries through digital marketing and fully integrated branding campaigns. Her core strategy for small business marketing is to blend creative problem solving with an analytic approach. The result is a brand strategy that spurs growth.

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